Skoda Rutiso
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human (for now)
Player Kasu
Level Level 8 Rogue
Status Very yes.

Skoda Rutiso is somebody, certainly. Who? I dunno.


Skoda stands about 5'10", with a fairly lithe build. Messy, shoulder length black hair, and dull red eyes. Usually seen wearing an unelaborate cloak with most of his equipment and armor hidden under it. Carries a black rapier (self-dyed) for defense.



  • Having come from a fairly poor city, he found a way to stay alive: stealing. Yeah, I know, poor kid from the slums is kinda generic, but... you do what you can. Anyway, he had a friend, Niel, who died... Skoda cremated his body and kept the ashes in a small glass vial which he keeps to this day. And sometimes he talks to it.
  • Oh yeah, and he has a fun little ring of protection +3 that's gonna slowly turn him into a vixen. ^_^


  • "... and that's my problem... how?"
  • "When in doubt, run about."
  • "The hell was that?"

How can I have quotes if I haven't talked yet?


  • Skoda is Chaotic Neutral, by choice.
  • He's also atheist, by dint of not caring.
    • If I can be meta for a bit, then he's Kasu's sort of "all around" character, and has been recycled for a few campaigns.
      • His name is also an inside joke in Kasu's normal group. Try saying it with a "suave" accent while shaking your hips.

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