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Vital statistics
Title White Lightning
Gender Female
Race Human
Player Pid
Level Rogue/8
Status Alive


Sehura is a white-skinned, tall, thin woman. Her dark blonde hair is long and tied in a thick braid. She peers around with electric-blue eyes as she listens to the sounds in the dungeon. She wears a open white-leather vest that's been fitted to allow her breasts to be exposed (as she heard the dungeon caused transformation), a loose-fitting silk half-shirt above the vest for decency's sake, and a pair of silk pants held up by a snakeskin belt.





Magic ItemsEdit

  • Hand Crossbow with disappearing blade (+1 Hand crossbow that changes into +1 shortsword) [Equal to 2 7th level items]
  • (Cursed) Serpent Armour (+1 Leather, grants +1 to Reflex saves, grants the Combat Reflexes feat)
  • Heward's Handy Haversack [6th level item]
  • Least Weapon Augment Crystal of Electricity Assault (+1d6 Electric damage to weapon equipped) [Equal to 2 5th level items]
  • Sandals of Sprinting (Expidious Retreat 3/day) [6th level item]
  • Vest of Resistance +1 (+1 to saves) [4th level item]
  • Eternal Wand of Cure Light Wounds (Cure Light Wounds 2/day at CL1) [4th level item]


  • Bluff 13
  • Diplomacy 13
  • Disable Device 15
  • Open Lock 13
  • Search 15
  • Spot 11
  • Listen 11
  • Hide 13
  • Move Silently 13
  • Disguise 13
  • Forgery 15
  • Gather Information 13
  • Knowledge (Local) 15


  • Dodge
  • Mobility
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Rapid Reload (Hand Crossbow)

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