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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Human
Player Rumbaler
Level Wizard 8
Status Alive


Rumbaler has a ring that increases his intelligence at the price of turning slowly into a fox. He used it a few times now having fox ears (enhanced hearing), paws (feet only) and eyes (can see in low light). Rumbaler now has also a fox tail from a horrible blunder not involving the ring. Rumbaler also carries a wolf mask that apparantly makes the wearer think he's a wolf. Rumbaler figured this out firsthand. He carries a dark wood staff and wears a simple blue robe.


Rumbaler is a Wizard in training in the mostly working in the Transmutation field. Rumbaler is considered the eager one. He is most likely to get into trouble for his recklessness and trusting stangers blindly at time. Even through all this, Rumbaler often gets out it okay (mostly from the help of others). When people first see him, they often see his very childish side and curious nature. When they get to know him, they end up seeing a caring side that cares very deeply for his friends. He hate to his friend's hurt and would immediatly fight to protect them even if the odds was against him.

Rumbaler is now in a crossroad with himself in recent events, for he attack his allies while under the charm of a evil shadow who was going to apprentice him. The shadow now presumed defeated Rumbaler now has new resolved to prove himself in front of his friend. Even through the thoughts of being the shadow's apprentice still linger in his mind.


"This is not a situation. It is just a compication" "As they say no risk, no rewards"


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