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 |gender = Female
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 |player = Picklejuice
 |level = Paladin 5
 |status = Alive

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<!---descr="Current physical description"---> Calm and sure, Laura has striking blue eyes and long auburn hair. She is slightly above average height at 5' 6" and sports an athletic build. Laura wears full plate mail and a shield when expecting battle. Otherwise, she wears a long white gown with the symbol of her god (X) featured prominently on the front. She is always wearing or near to a large coat made from fox pelts.

<!---descr="Background and history on the character."--->Laura has been a Paladin of (X) for only a year. She doesn't talk about (X) unless asked, and does not push (X)'s beliefs on others. She prefers to lead by example. She is on a holy mission to find a lost tome of magic for her villiage and is strangely possessive of a luxurious fox pelt cloak. In battle, she strides to the front and strikes her foes with might.

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